Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I meditate?  

Because modern life is full of stress, distraction, and disconnection, and meditation can help you navigate those challenges with greater ease. The benefits of meditation have been known for thousands of years and are now being supported by modern science. Among the many exciting findings, studies show that meditation can help to reduce stress, improve attention & sleep and enhance positive emotions. (Just to name a few!) Just like physical exercise, the more you do it - the more you benefit.  


I can’t meditate. I’ve tried it but I just can’t clear my mind!

It’s ok to have thoughts.  In fact, it’s natural!  To tell your brain not to think is like telling your eyes not to see.  When we are practicing formal meditation, we are simply increasing our awareness of what is going on in our minds.  Over time you may begin to notice longer periods of quiet and an ability to disengage with your thought stream.


How do I get started?

Simply book your class and arrive about 15 minutes early.  This will give you some time to breathe and unwind, even before the class begins.  One of our staff members can show you around and answer any questions you might have.  Arrive even earlier and enjoy a cup of tea beforehand!


How do I know if I’m meditating right?

The most important thing about meditation is your willingness to do it and your commitment to stick with it.  Just try and approach it with an open and accepting attitude and know that you are taking steps in the right direction. 


What type of meditation is right for me?

We have many different class offerings.  We suggest trying them all and seeing which styles and which teachers you most connect with.  You can call us if you have any questions or need some suggestions.


What do I wear to meditate?

There is nothing special that you need to wear or bring when you meditate or attend any of our classes.  Students generally sit on cushions on the floor, so comfortable clothing is advised. There are no shoes allowed in the meditation rooms, so please bring some comfortable socks!


What do I sit on during meditation?

We have several options for sitting during a meditation class.  We have cushion sets that include one round cushion (called a zafu) that sits on top of a larger cushion (called a zabuton).  If you prefer a bit more back support we also have backjack chairs; and if sitting on the floor is not an option, we even have traditional chairs for you.  


What if I can’t sit on the floor?

We have traditional chairs to sit in.  Try to arrive at the studio a few minutes early and let the front desk staff know that you would like a chair. 

Where do I park when I come to Qwell?

Qwell is located adjacent to a multi-level parking structure where there are 2 and 3 hour meters as well as spaces for downtown permit holders.  There is also metered street parking.


Can I come in late to class?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your class in order to have a chance to unplug, unwind and enjoy a cup of tea.  In order to minimize distractions no one will be allowed to join the class after it has begun.  


Can I bring my cell phone into class?

We ask students to leave their cell phones on silent and in their lockers.  Embrace the time to fully disconnect from technology and tune into yourself.


What specials do you have for new students? 

We offer an introductory special that allows you to try a month of classes for $89.  After that you can decide what works best for you.  We have drop in class rates, class packs and memberships to choose from.


Can I bring my kids to class?

Qwell offers classes for all ages.  Some are specifically for kids and families.  Any of our meditation classes are open to ages 16 and older.  If you want to bring a younger child (ages 10+) to one of our guided meditation classes, we would recommend one of our 20 or 30 minute BREATH classes if you think they are able to sit quietly for the length of the class.  


What’s your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes things happen and you can’t make it to a class that you’ve signed up for.  Please cancel the class through the app, online or by calling the studio at least 12 hours before the class to avoid being charged.  If you are using a class pack and cancel within 12 hours, you will lose the class.  If you are a monthly member, your account will be charged $5 for a late cancellation and $10 for a no-show.  


Is it possible to freeze the monthly membership?

Clients can freeze the membership once a year for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 1 month.


Does Qwell offer private or corporate sessions?

Absolutely!  We can offer private one on one sessions, as well as private sessions for couples, families, and other small groups in the studio.  We can also arrange to go to your site.  Just inquire at the front desk and we can discuss the options!


Can I rent the space?

Yes.  Please inquire at the front desk.


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