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A place to quiet the noise and soothe the soul…

Qwell is a meditation and wellness studio that offers you a place to unplug, unwind and reconnect with yourself and others. Inspired by the wisdom of ancient tradition and modern science, Qwell is designed to help people manage the constant stress, distraction and disconnection of modern life. Located in the heart of Montclair’s vibrant downtown, it is a serene space where you can learn to slow down and live with greater awareness, compassion and joy. With daily classes to practice formal meditation, gentle movement, and to inspire mindful living, Qwell can help you become more fully engaged in your life.



The demands of modern life keep us in perpetual “doing” mode, constantly multi-tasking and rushing from one task to the next, often unaware of how we even moved through the day.  When we allow ourselves to slow down and “just be,” we realize how much time we spend on autopilot, distracted in thought, barely attending to what is going on right in front of us.  By pausing and giving yourself the time to turn inward you can learn to meet each moment with greater awareness and presence, and find the beauty in daily life.



Tune into the grounding presence of your breath as an anchor in the midst of your busy life.  Give yourself the time and space to turn inward and connect to the subtle sensations of inhaling and exhaling.  Allow the breath to keep you in the present moment when you are pulled out of it by distraction.  Find greater calm and peace internally that are always available to you when you need them.



Learn to connect more fully to yourself and those around you in an openhearted and compassionate way.  Find support and encouragement in the Qwell community as together we strive toward greater presence and engagement in our lives.


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Choose from an array of classes designed to calm your mind, nourish your body and soothe your soul.  Whatever your background, age or experience level, there is something to inspire you to live with greater awareness, presence, and joy.